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1/6th Scale DX Darth Vader In The Works From Hot Toys?!?
Jay Cochran - January 22, 2013

Our friend Geektrooper points us in the direction of what appears to be a new teaser image from Hot Toys. Now what exactly it is teasing we are not 100% sure. It certainly looks like the glove of a certain Sith Lord with a background from a certain city in the clouds, but the flowers photoshopped in blowing out of the hand is a bit confusing, maybe just artistic expression? Anyway this latest image has led some to believe that Hot Toys could be planning on following up their recently released Luke Skywalker (Bespin Outfit) DX series figure with a Vader one. What do you think?

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Bespin refugee
12:03 am

[url= (link) Hot Toys & Hasbro Team-Up[/url] 
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