Hasbro Fan-Friday Star Wars Live-Stream - Haslab Rancor Painted Model And Final Two Stretch Goals Revealed

Jay Cochran - November 19, 2021
Hasbro today is holding their second live-stream for November which will focus on their Haslab Black Series Rancor campaign. Today we should get a look at their first painted model of the figure as well as find out what the final two stretch goals for this project will be. Currently we know the campaign will move into the production phase if it reaches 9k backers. At 11k backers they will throw in a Black Series Gamorrean Guard on a POTF cardback and collector coin. At 13,500 backers they will throw in some bone accessories and a cardboard backdrop.

As I type this the campaign has 5,134 backers with just over 17 days left before it ends. We will update this story with any new images and info revealed during the live-stream as they happen.

Panel begins.

Patrick, Jing, Eric and Chris are on panel.

They showed off the painted model which you can check out below.

The chain on the wrist will be medal. Same with the earing. It will have separate shoulder pads.

The figure has ratchet joints. My guess they wanted to point that out since they were missing from the Marvel Legends Sentinel.

Talking about how some portions of the figure will have softer skin over the hard plastic for more texturing and organic feel. The soft plastic isn't used on any of the joints. The figure will have the most paint decos than any Black Series figure.

Gamorrean Guard fits in the hand of the Rancor and trying to make the mouth big enough to fit most of it inside.

Stretch Goal #3 - Solacious B. Crumb on individual cardback - 16,000 Backers.

Stretch Goal #4 - Newly Tooled Luke Skywalker on POTF cardback with coin. Has soft-goods cape, blaster and lightsaber. 19k Backers.

Panel ends.
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Last 10 comments - ( Read All Posts )
ToodlesMrJim - 2021-12-09 @ 9:26 pm

I wanted this badly, I didn't care about the stretch goals, I just want this massive figure in my collection. I didn't back it because of lack of funds, it's not that I thought it was over priced, it's that I just backed Galactus and Victory Saber and there's no room left on my credit cards. I also wanted to get the Skystriker but again no funds, I'm completely spent. There's just been too many high price items too close together / on top of each other and at Christmas time because of buying gifts I'm already strapped... I can't be like I'm sorry little Timmy, I had to get Rancor so Christmas has been cancelled this year. If they came back in February I could certainly swing it.

Bespin refugee - 2021-12-07 @ 5:37 pm
Hasbro Issues Statement On The Star Wars Black Series Haslab Rancor"We're sorry to say the STAR WARS The Black Series Rancor HasLab project did not reach its minimum backing goal.This is what the HasLab platform is all about bringing our fans together and allowing you to decide if these dream projects ultimately get developed.We want to thank the fans who showed their support and backed this project, and those who shared their passion throughout the campaign.We look forward to bringing you more dream concepts in the future."(Source:Hasbro Pulse)
bashpics99 - 2021-12-07 @ 4:04 pm

I think the fact that it got within 500 and hasbro didn't bother to extend the campaign suggests that the addition of Malakili made the 9000 threshold insufficiently profitable despite being the stated goal. The entire campaign has felt lackluster so its really not that much of a surprise that they let it go down the drain. Since it makes no sense to run 3 haslabs concurrently (and right around the holidays to boot), i feel like the star wars team had originally planned to do this rancor later (especially if rumors about one showing up in Boba fett are true.. no idea). Perhaps they had to accelerate their plans - why? to help hype up Hascon, to get ahead of a 2022 increase in costs, to boost Q4 profits, who knows.

I also wonder about the cost of the license. The bar for Haslab tiers has been set pretty high for collectors due to Sentinel and Galactus, and it seemed like the BS team was just unable to match that value. Not enough new tooling/new characters, even the last minute addition of Malakili didn't move the needle much as negative sentiment had already set in imo.

Then there is the price point.. I think there is certainly a lot of interest in a big Rancor figure, but many would prefer a lower price point and are willing to sacrifice articulation and paint apps to achieve that. With some more media presence, even something along the lines of the Mattel T-Rex seems feasible to me, after all Rancor is basically the Star Wars equivalent of a T-rex to begin with (although i don't know if they can run as fast). As it is, Rancor is indeed an awesome Star Wars monster, but he is just not as significant to Star Wars as Sentinels are to X-men or Galactus is to the wider marvel universe. TL;DR $350 is just more than many want to spend on a rancor, regardless of the tiers.

I also wonder if there was a little blowback from how the Sentinels turned out. Their release was too late to affect Galactus backing, but the fact that they all had defective ratchets in the knees, combined with Hasbro's "no exchange" policy for the Sentinels, may have given some 2nd thoughts about backing additionals haslabs. Certainly the BS team made a big point of talking about rancor's stability but it shows what happens when you get a defective haslab sent to you.

We can see the GI Joe haslab is also having trouble reaching its goal, so in the end it may just boil down to the stupidity of having 3 haslabs at once, competing with holiday spending on top of that. But i do think some of these other issues played roles in the failure of the Rancor Haslab.

As far as what hasbro will take away from this, its hard to say. my guess is they will focus on a ship next time, probably 1:18 scale, and tbh that might make more sense. But hopefully they will also go back to the drawing board to try and get fans a big Rancor at a price point both sides can live with.

Atlantis - 2021-12-07 @ 6:07 am

This thing was overpriced from day one. I felt the Sentinel and Galactus were overpriced too but at least these had accurate colors, great articulation, great working lights. Bottom line though is that Hasbro didn't listen to its fans and what THEY wanted. I don't normally cheer for anyone to fail but in this case, use it as a teaching point. Why a multibillion $$ corporation needs to crowdsource anything makes no sense to me, but at the very least give the fans what they want. They wanted the Keeper, Oola, correct paints on the Rancor, and at a reasonable price. Now they can regroup, come back next year, and do better.

JayC - 2021-12-07 @ 5:17 am
Hasbro's latest Star Wars Haslab campaign for the Black Series Rancor Monster figure seems to have failed to reach it's minimum of the 9k backers needed in order for Hasbro to be willing move forward with the project. While the finally tally of backers has been fluctuating up and down since the campaign closed, it does say not funded and has been removed from the main Haslab page.This is only the second Haslab campaign to fail and the first that was action figure oriented. In 2019 Hasbro launched one of these campaigns for a 38" Tall Sesame Street Cookie Monster that ended up not meeting it's funding goal.Now eyes turn to Hasbro's other active Haslab campaign which is for a G.I. Joe Skystriker. That campaign will end tomorrow at midnight ET. That one right now only has 7,734 backers of the minimum 10k needed to move forward.

JayC - 2021-12-06 @ 12:12 pm
With less than 24hrs until Hasbro's Star Wars Black Series Rancor Haslab campaign and only having 5,688 of the minimum 9k backers needed to move forward, it is looking almost definitely like this campaign is going to go down in the toy history books as a failure.Some are hoping, others have been expecting that Hasbro would extend the deadline for this campaign which we did see them do in 2020 for their Transformers: War For Cybertron Unicron campaign which eventually was fully funded. According to Hasbro's own Steve Evans who has been addressing people's questions about the project on his Instagram account this is likely not going to happen.If you scroll through the comments of his Rancor post you will see him say multiple times to people asking for it to be extended that he does not expect it to be moved. Now some might be thinking he is just trying to scare folks into backing the project at the last minute, but I tend to believe what he is saying. At this point I think Hasbro has accepted the fact that the Rancor is not going to make it to the finish line.As for a 6" Black Series Oola The Slave Girl figure being made, well again according to Steve it doesn't look like that was ever in the cards. Many have suspected that Disney was not OK having such a figure made and while he doesn't 100% confirm that, he seems to indicate that is in fact the case. He doesn't specifically say Disney but does suggest such a figure is not really an option these days.I am sure over the coming days we will hear from all the talking heads and fans reasons for why this campaign failed and I do include myself among those who will be talking about this. While I would say there were a number of factors at play, the number 1 reason for why this campaign failed or will fail is simply because not enough people wanted it. That's not good or bad, just simply the way it is.Hasbro's other active Haslab campaign for the G.I. Joe Skystriker also seems in extreme jeopardy of not making it. It has a little more time left on the clock with just a little over 24hrs to go before ending, but it only has 7,205 backers of the minimum 10k needed for that one to move forward.

JayC - 2021-12-01 @ 7:55 am

So should fans hold out for Oola? Hasbro coming in the last minute with the Rancor Keeper creates an interesting precedent. First it shows Hasbro has a lot more wiggle room than perhaps some including myself would have initially thought. When I say wiggle room I mean a larger cost to profit margin on this than expected. Throwing in the Rancor Keeper def will mean this project will be less profitable for them than it would have otherwise, but if another completely new figure made it so much more expensive they were going to loose money then I doubt they would be adding it. So should fans continue to hold off and see how much more Hasbro is willing to add when push comes to shove. At what point would they simply just pull the plug? IDK but would be interesting to see, and now that fans have made Hasbro blink, will this become a regular thing. If fans really thought they could have pressured Hasbro into giving them another Herald with Galactus would they have waited to back the project?????

Satam - 2021-12-01 @ 12:28 am

Well then...

JayC - 2021-12-01 @ 12:25 am
Hasbro in a last-ditch effort to get their Star Wars Black Series Haslab Campaign for the Rancor funded, they have decided to add one more item to the mix. The much demanded 6" Black Series Rancor Keeper figure. This is the statement they just released on their social media:"We really appreciate all the feedback weve received in an effort to make the HasLab Rancor the best possible dream product. With that, we realize we can't leave the most dangerous creature, the rancor, roaming the galaxy without its keeper. We will be adding a fully newly-tooled Star Wars: The Black Series Malakili figure to the base offering, funding at 9K units. Uncarded and ready for action, Malakili comes with his unique gaffi stick inspired by Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. This figure is in active development, and we will share renders as part of our backer updates if the project successfully moves into production.This final additional figure can ONLY be added if we hit our target threshold of 9K backers before the campaign deadline (December 6, 2021). Thank you for your help in shaping this product in real time! The fate of the HasLab Rancor project is in your hands! We hope to bring both the rancor and Malakili to our passionate fans." The Rancor campaign back on November 19th had 5,134 backers, and then they revealed all four stretch goals for the project which included Solacious B. Crumb a Gamorrean Guard, Jedi Luke and a cardboard backdrop and some bone accessories. Since then the campaign has been bleeding backers and is currently sitting at 4,755. With under a week to go Hasbro is now going to add the Rancor Keeper figure if it meets it's minimum goal of 9k. Will it be enough to bring fans back on board and reach the goal? I guess only time will tell.

memocromatico - 2021-11-22 @ 10:52 pm

Apparently Hasbro is forgetting that their costumers are humans with other needs and cant afford every thing they release This is gonna be bad business for them if they dont remember to leave a healthy amount of time between projects and waves

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