Sideshow Collectibles Q & A - Update: 01/22

Jay Cochran - January 22, 2010
Sideshow Toy has updated with another round of Questions & Answers about things from Star Wars.....

Question: Are there any plans to release a 12-inch scale R2-D2 and or C-3PO? You’ve made them life-size, but for the average collector they’re too expensive. I think that it would be great to release them in a two-pack like the Han and Luke as Stormtroopers.

Sideshow: Yes, we are in development on both droids for 1:6 scale, and they’re likely to see release in 2011.

Question: Is there any chance of seeing an Episode II version of Anakin? I would love to have it as a companion piece to my Ep II Obi-wan.

Sideshow: Episode I Obi-Wan and Episode II Anakin are both high on our list of candidates. (We want our Duel of the Fates and Geonosis displays fleshed out, too!) They won’t be released this year but are likely for 2011.

Question: Darth Maul is one of my favorites; is Darth Maul Cyborg in your plans?

Sideshow: Actually, yes! We’ve just initiated a sculpture of Darth Maul inspired by Visionaries. We’re not ready to tell you exactly which format this piece will take, but we will tell you that it’s not a 1:6 scale figure.

Question: We have had 2 Lukes and 2 Leias in Premium Format form and another Luke is on the way. Is there any chance of a new Han Solo PF? My vote would be for a Hoth Han on a Tauntaun!

Sideshow: We’re thinking along the same lines. Han is likely to be the next OT Rebel main character that we develop, and most likely he would appear in Hoth gear (certainly a costume from Empire). We would love to develop a Tauntaun at some time, but it would be an IMMENSE sculpture in 1:4 scale.

Question: Not counting repeats like the Scout Trooper or Slave Leia, there hasn’t been a new Original Trilogy character introduced into the Star Wars Premium Format line since the Tusken Raider back in July of 2008. I’ve heard encouraging talk of C-3PO, and with 2010 just around the corner, can you give the OT fans a hint as to how much longer we will have to wait before we can preorder a new PF character from the classic trilogy?

Sideshow: It’s very true, and we’re very definitely focused on OT for our current development, aside from Clones. You’ll likely see the next OT PF figure available for pre-order around the same time as SDCC, possibly earlier.

Question: At one time you said a 1:6 scale General Grievous was something you never planned to do. I believe this was due to the costs and complicated nature of the character. And since then you’ve seemed to change your mind. I imagine this was in part due to Hot Toys’ success with the Terminator Endoskeletons. So, can we now expect Grievous anytime soon? And with Hot Toys’ help I’d presume. Or is he still something forgotten on the back burner?

Sideshow: Yes, we are currently developing a 1:6 scale General Grievous. We’ve been encouraged by the success of the Star Wars line over the past few years, and some recent breakthroughs in our digital sculpture development convinced us that Grievous might be more workable than we previously estimated. Grievous is likely going to take us the better part of 2010 to develop, but look forward to updates and peeks throughout the year.

Question: With the success of Darth Talon, do you plan on making anymore Expanded Universe Premium Formats, such as some Sith Lords from Knights of the Old Republic, Revan, Malak and Nihilus?

Sideshow: Would you assume that Darth Talon’s success is because of her EU status, or because she’s an intensely good-looking female Sith? :) Regardless, yes, we do plan to continue with other Sith Lords. Nihilus especially has been lurking in our planning for some time and will most likely eventually see development (in some format).

Question: What’s the likelihood that we’ll see an Imperial probe droid done in 1/4 scale?

Sideshow: An Imperial Probe Droid is very possible but much more likely in 1:6 scale.

Question: I’m a big fan of your two environmental dioramas from the Star Wars line. Are we going to have more of them? This coming year is the Empire Strikes Back anniversary, something cool from the film would be really good (how about an AT-AT/snowspeeder with Rebel troops diorama?) Thanks for your work!

Sideshow: Thank you! We are considering another diorama in the same theme, maybe slightly larger scale, flavored with a little bit of Hoth. We’ll definitely pass your positive comments back to the development team to encourage more environmental dioramas!

Question: Could you please tell me if there are any plans for more Star Wars life-size statues? Such as characters like Yoda, a Jawa or perhaps an Ewok?

Sideshow: Yes, we are designing and developing new life-size statues and figures. We’re not ready to say who exactly, but you’re warm.

Question: Will Sideshow be making any creatures, droids or vehicles for the Star Wars 12-inch line? Like the crab droid, boga, dewback, gelagrub, speeder bike, at-at, taun taun or dactillion?

Sideshow: It’s a very good question. We aren’t likely to make a gelagrub, dactillion, or AT-AT (not in 1:6 scale), but there are a few others in your list that we’re considering.

Question: With the release of your 1:1 Gamorean Guard bust.. which is absolutely fantastic looking! … Are there any plans for a GG PF?

Sideshow: Thanks for the kind words on the bust! This is a big year for the Gamorreans at Sideshow, with their appearance in the life-size bust line, the diorama line, and soon to be the 1:6 scale line. We thought that might be a bit too much of the green guys all at one time, even though we’d LOVE to see a big Gamorrean at some point too. A PF is likely, but a little further down the road.

Question: In previous questions people have asked about several products and you have said some are in the works (but not specifically which ones), so I thought I would narrow the question to one specific product: What are the chances of a 1/6th scale Max Rebo Band set? And if you do one PLEASE use Sy Snoodles’ original design if possible!! Thank you! You always produce the best products! Lando was so perfect he took my breath away when he arrived - awesome job on him!!

Sideshow: The design is done, and the project is moving into the sculpture phase very, very soon. Deciding to move ahead on the project hinged on permission to do the original Sy, not the SE version, and we’re happy to say that all parties are agreed. So, at this point, we can safely say that the chances are very, very good.

Question: Are you able to give any hints as to when (month / year) we can expect the Stormtrooper Premium Format? And will the armor be sculpted or have separate pieces of armor like the Scout Trooper PF? Also, I have a thought for the pose. There is a classic black and white photo of two Stormtroopers shooting their blasters downward towards Luke and Leia while standing on a retracting type of bridge. Having TWO Stormtrooper’s in a similar pose for a PF would be unique and way, way, cool. You could charge double the price of a normal single PF, and I’m sure the collector’s would still snap them up, as I would do.

Sideshow: Great questions. It’s likely that the armor will have separate pieces, but we cannot say yet with certainty exactly how it will be constructed. We also have an idea for a multiple Stormtrooper PF piece, although it’s not exactly as you describe. If everything falls into place, we think you’ll dig it. We know that our finished prototype for the Stormtrooper PF is still several months out, making it difficult to give you a firm estimation of the reveal date. it will likely be toward the end of 2010.

Question: Is it possible that we are going to see some zombie Stormtroopers? Since they are mentioned in the new Star Wars book “Death Troopers”? It would be great to see Sideshow put 2 of their licenses together

Sideshow: Yah, we’ve got our eye on Death Troopers too. We hope the novel is a success, and we’d love to see some additional artwork inspired by the project. Snowtrooper, Veers, and Tarkin all appear in our planning.

Question: From the San Diego Comic-Con, we know that Commander Cody and Captain Rex are coming soon to the 1:6 scale Star Wars line. In more recent Q/A sessions, Sideshow has stated that both Jango Fett and Boba Fett are in the works. Does this mean we can expect 2010 to more or less be the year of Temuera Morrison? My main question is: Will Boba Fett feature an unmasked portrait (like Jango Fett should) or will he just have a helmeted head? Hasbro has recently been making Bobas with removable helmets featuring a Temuera Morrison inspired face. I’m hoping Sideshow will as well, even if it would end up as Boba Fett’s exclusive. Also, can we expect more upcoming clones/commanders to feature unmasked heads? It would certainly add some more variety to the troopers to have some unmasked options.

Sideshow: It’s true - we’re only doing projects with Temeura Morrison portraits from here out! We have not yet determined if Boba will feature an unmasked portrait, as Jango Fett will. With Clones, if we know what they look like under the helmet (via the films or the Clone Wars series), we do plan to include unmasked heads.

Question: I want to know if it’s official - will there be an R2-D2 in

Sideshow: Yes, there will be an Artoo in 1/4 scale within the Premium Format line.

Question: Is there a chance of a Premium Format Obi-Wan Kenobi from Revenge of the Sith to accompany the Anakin Premium Format?

Sideshow: Yup! He’s VERY high on our list of candidates.

Question: With Sideshow creating figures for the Star Wars Expanded Universe 12-inch line, is there any possibility that this will also cover characters from the Marvel Comics series that Hasbro is currently doing for their smaller figures. Among the classic Marvel characters I’d love to see done would be Lady Lumiya (aka Shira Bree), Rik Duel, Dani (Zeltron), and Chihdo, Valance the Hunter, Fenn Shysha, Knife, etc. Is there any possibility somewhere down the road those ideas would be considered, or are the Expanded Universe characters only going to cover certain aspects of the Star Wars movies, Clone Wars cartoon, and the computer games?

Sideshow: Truthfully, those characters are unlikely to appear in our 12-inch line anytime soon. Lumiya is probably the most recognizable name of those that you list, but she’s still a bit too obscure for the majority of SW fans to recognize. Perhaps if they get a little more exposure in the coming years?

Question: Any plans for a Mara Jade and/or Grand Admiral Thrawn Premium Format down the road?

Yes, Mara Jade is high on our list of contenders. Thrawn is not currently part of our planning, but we have received a number of requests for Thrawn (and noted a certain ‘vote’ active on SF).

Question: I’m really getting into your 1:1 Star Wars Busts. They’re awesome! I love the creatures that live in the Star Wars Universe. My number one want is Hammerhead. Do you have plans for his release now that you have been working on some larger aliens in this scale?

Sideshow: Hammerhead is getting a little love this year, but the love is definitely smaller than 1:1 scale (so far). He’s definitely a possibility for a future life-size bust but probably not this year.

Question: The Star Wars universe is well-represented with great Sideshow Premium Formats. Between Darth the first, Luke, Leia, Han from the first trilogy, a few greats from the second trilogy like Maul, Dooku, Anakin… and now one from the Expanded Universe; the Red Hot Darth Talon. Still, I wonder why the Master of it all - the Emperor - hasn’t been properly revered with a PF himself. I find this lack of attention very disturbing.

Sideshow: Indeed. Patience, Jedi - the dark side of the Force is strong with Palpatine.

Question: I very much appreciate the effort you have been making use of the Star Wars license for these fabulous few years, especially now that new product lines have been developed for the license, like the artistic Legendary Scale Bust. We all know the “main stream”, or the well-known characters are always the ones that will get produced, but aren’t we ignoring those who started the whole Star Wars saga? Yes - characters like kid Anakin, Padme Amidala and Padawan Obi-Wan from Episode I - all of whom have yet to be made in any of the major Sideshow Star Wars product lines! I really do hope they are at the top of any of your production list; I’m dying for them to be available soon. If not, I hope to hear your view on these characters, please?

Sideshow: You have the distinction of being the first to suggest Ep I Anakin or Padawan Obi-Wan as Legendary Scale Bust candidates but not the first to suggest Padme (or Amidala). With these large format busts, we tend to prefer characters who are VERY popular or very visually interesting. Unfortunately for Kid Anakin, he tends to rank far below many other characters (especially with adult collectors). Padawan Obi-Wan seems to be less desired than his later versions. Padme is Padme - we certainly have an interest.

Question: Darth Talon is a nice surprise for the Star Wars Premium Format line. I can’t wait to add it to my display next to Darth Maul and Asajj! Sith characters are a very intriguing part of the SW universe. I would like to ask if there are any more PFs of Sith characters in development/production at the moment or in the near future? Personally I think Darth Nihl would be a great companion piece to go along with Darth Talon!

Sideshow: Yes, we are in development on another Sith Lord at the moment, although he’s not an EU character.

Question: Is a Chewbacca Premium Format a possibility?

Sideshow: Yes, it is a possibility. The more we discuss Chewie for the PF line, the more we lean toward a sculpted-fur version.

Question: I have every 12-inch Star Wars item you have produced, and I was wondering if there are any plans for the Jabba the Hutt band members to go along with your awesome Jabba the Hutt figure and throne. I think they are a must have!!!

Sideshow:We agree! Max Rebo and the gang are very, very likely to join your Jabba display!


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