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More Tweets From The New Star Wars Cast
Bespin refugee - May 02, 2014

Mark Hamill wasn't the only one to tweet about joining the cast of the new Star Wars film, here's a look at what some other members of the cast had to say...

@JBoyega: "Honoured to join this amazing universe and thank you for all the support ....May the force be with you #SWVII..."

@ADaniels3PO: "So many privileges to acting in the Saga. Best yet, sitting at the read-through with the old & the new cast. And the story! You can't wait!"

@carrieffisher: "May the Chapter VII be with you...always. Or at least until 2015. I love you....you know. http://starwars.com/news/star-wars-episode-7-cast-announced.html "
" Here's the correct vernacular version now & then g'nite...my galaxy questers...May the Episode 7 be with you. Always...I love u--you know x
Blame my dog ,Gary, for saying chapter 7 instead episode 7; the film that will change your life, clean your droids & make you breakfast.
Love being vintage Leia & arthritic Leia.
Love from the forceful Leia of old & the wise, arthritic Leia of new..."

@TheWookieeRoars: "Hello friends. Sorry I've been awol lately. I've been traveling, catching up with _d friends & trying to get the band back together. ;)"

@andyserkis: "Thx for all the notes of good wishes and support! Looking forward to exploring that galaxy far, far, away! #SWVII"

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5:33 am

I guess the Stormtroopers are not clones anymore. I wonder if they're fighting for the "good guys" now the way they were in the prequels? I also kinda like the new look. How many military uniforms stay exactly the same after 30 years? This seem like a natural evolution of the look. 
1:35 am

I'm expecting them now to release a longer trailer for the Super Bowl 
9:31 pm

[quote name='yojoebro82' timestamp='1417208347' post='16817036'] [quote name='featofstrength' timestamp='1417207476' post='16817033'] o @##@@ bad that can finally burn my episode 1 sleeveless muscle shirt that I kept as a reminder to never get my hop... read more 
9:04 pm

This trailer exhibits the trademark sense of hyperactivity and urgency that Abrams Star Trek films tend to do, but that may not be a bad thing necessarily. George Lucas always wanted "faster and more intense". Looks like he finally got it. (lol) I've just been a stickler for consis... read more 
9:00 pm

Meh this looks like a glorified fan film. 
8:59 pm

[quote name='featofstrength' timestamp='1417207476' post='16817033'] o @##@@ bad that can finally burn my episode 1 sleeveless muscle shirt that I kept as a reminder to never get my hopes up again. Personally, my reminder to not get my hopes up is the episode 1 wave 1 ... read more 
8:55 pm

I thought it was awesome, the only thing that didn't fit to me was the rolling droid. The Speeder was a bit blocky and didn't really move realistically, but I don't know if she was slowing down and it was supposed to look like that or not. I'm assuming it'd work like a motorcycle... read more 
8:44 pm

[quote name='yojoebro82' timestamp='1417207294' post='16817031'] [quote name='featofstrength' timestamp='1417205216' post='16817028'] [quote name='yojoebro82' timestamp='1417204909' post='16817027'] [quote name='featofstr... read more 
8:42 pm

[quote name='CaptainTriumph' timestamp='1417205705' post='16817029'] [quote name='featofstrength' timestamp='1417201715' post='16817020'] [quote name='CaptainTriumph' timestamp='1417198697' post='16817017'] Interesting! ... read more 
8:41 pm

[quote name='featofstrength' timestamp='1417205216' post='16817028'] [quote name='yojoebro82' timestamp='1417204909' post='16817027'] [quote name='featofstrength' timestamp='1417204358' post='16817025'] Also...love how fast p... read more 
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