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Reader Review: VTAC Bossk By Whitewolf
Bespin refugee - May 26, 2007

Trandoshans have always been mortal enemies with Wookiees. This reptillian species was responsible for turning the entire planet of Kashyyykk into one of the Empire's most prolific slave camps. This blood feud between Trandos and Wookiees is the main reason that Bossk feigned such interest in the Imperial bounty on Han Solo and Chewbacca. The bounty hunter scene in ESB lasted all of maybe 30 to 40 seconds, but it gave us a glimpse of the various riff-raff-for-hire that inhabit parts of the Star Wars universe that we don't normally see...and spawned an almost cult-like fascination with the likes of Boba Fett, Dengar, IG-88, 4-LOM, Zuckuss, and of course...Bossk.

"Be vewwy, vewwy quite...I'm hunting Wookiees. HUHUHUHUHUHUHUH!"

The VTAC Bossk is quite literally an awesome figure for a character who only really got any real props in a scant few EU novels and comics. 10 ball-socket joints adorn the figure at the neck, shoulders, elbows, torso, knees and ankles; while the hips have two straight-cut joints and the forearms have swivel joints. What's really surprising is that Bossk is actually more super-articulated than Bespin Luke as far as the range of movement each ball-socket joint offers. I was able to pose his scaly butt in poses that Luke couldn't quite manage.

Bossk's paint app is nearly identical to that of his movie counterpart. He sports a flashy yellow flightsuit that appears to be very similar to those worn by X-Wing pilots, albeit a few modifications to fit his alien anatomy. The colors and detailing on his outfit is eye-catching to say the least, especially in contrast to his dull greenish-brown hide. The right arm has a multicolored emblem on it that looks as if it could be some sort of tour-of-duty ribbon setup. The crash webbing around his legs has small stitching along the sides and even the umbilical ports all over the suit have been finely painted. Nicely done, Hasbro!

The oddest part of this figure is the red vacuum hose around his neck with what appears to be a ripcord-like handle hanging from it. This item is removable...provided that you pop poor Bossk's head off first. I can only speculate that it may perhaps be some sort of breathing apparatus that his species may need in order to survive on certain planets, or a dog collar-like fashion accessory...or it was just something that the LucasFilm costuming department threw on him at the last minute to make it less evident that the actor was wearing a lizard mask. Whatever the case, its still kind of a cool addition.

VTAC Bossk comes only with the essentials:

*A280-2 Blaster Rifle
*Vacuum Hose Collar
*UGH Redemption Certificate
*UGH Proof of Purchase Sticker

Although Bossk was only famous in ESB for cussing at Admiral Piett right after the befuddled officer nearly got a mouthful of the bounty hunter's horribly unmanicured foot claws, his vintage makeover is superb. Now Chewie may finally have met his match...at least in MY collection. Bossk may not be very high on many collectors' wish lists, but sometimes the less-loved figures turn out to be real surprises...and in a good way! So far, all of the VTAC figures are "must-haves" in my book. I can't find anything really negative to say about the figure...although I'm sure other collectors pick these things apart far more meticulously than I do. Don't let ol' scaly hide be this year's pegwarmer...pick him up and show him some love.

I give VTAC Bossk 4.5 Death Stars.



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