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Sideshow Announces "Militaries of Star Wars" 12 Inch Series
Bespin refugee - September 22, 2006

Sideshow Toy:
Throughout galactic history, vast armies have been the tools of the powerful, wielded in the service of domination and control. During the Clone Wars, the forces of the various factions of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, united by disaffected Jedi Count Dooku, were combined to form a huge army of droid combatants, the largest military force in the galaxy. All the major alien business conglomerates, including the Trade Federation, Commerce Guilds, Techno Union, Intergalactic Banking Clan and Corporate Alliance combined assets to create this vast mechanized force as a means to assert their independence from what they saw as an unfair Galactic Republic and gain, by force, that which could not be bought.
The Militaries of Star Wars

The Militaries of Star WarsIn answer, the Republic fielded a highly trained military. Fewer in number, but more effective, it was comprised of cloned human soldiers, all fiercely loyal and well equipped. Trained to fight under the Jedi, the clone troopers, in their distinctive white body armor, became a symbol of Republic resolve. Their victories were celebrated by the civilian public, but such a deadly force could easily be used for as much harm as good.

Instrumental in the swift ascendance of the Empire, the clone army became the enforcers of Imperial law and the fist of the new Emperor Palpatine, policing and subjugating those that saw them as protectors only months earlier. They were the Imperial Army, whose ranks were comprised not only of Stormtroopers, but other personnel who embraced the New Order. Peace was assured, through the application of superior and overwhelming might. Few dared stand against the white, plasteel-plated troops of the Empire.

The Militaries of Star WarsYet there were some who fought back. Initially an underground movement of loose affiliation, the Rebel Alliance grew to become the Empire's chief adversary during the Galactic Civil War. A diverse force of many races and persuasions, the Rebel military was organized and flexible, able to penetrate, strike targets and then melt away at the first sign of an Imperial cruiser. In contrast to the Empire's vast legions of identical soldiers, the Rebellion fielded small units of specialized and varied troops, using guerrilla tactics and unconventional methods to gradually chip away the impenetrable walls of power that protected the tyrannical Emperor.

After Palpatine's fall at Endor, this band of armed fighters swelled and became the New Republic Defense Force, a peace-keeping military that held to the ideals of personal freedom and security. For the first time in centuries, the people of the galaxy had a military that served rather than enslaved them.

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