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Star Wars 2009 Fans' Choice Poll - Round 2 Ends Soon
Bespin refugee - August 22, 2009

The nominations have been finalized, and the time to choose your favorites is ending soon.

The nominees chosen by members of the JediInsider & TNI forums are:
Admiral Daala EU: Jedi Academy
Admiral Piett ESB
Anakin Solo EU: NJO
Ann/Tann Gella TPM
Arliel Schous ANH
Barriss Offee AotC
Bastila Shan EU: KOTOR
Ben Quadinaros TPM
Ben Skywalker EU: LotF
Cane Adiss RotJ
Cin Drallig RotS
Cliegg Lars AotC
Corde AotC
Corran Horn (Jedi) EU: NJO
Darth Caedus EU: LotF
Darth Plagueis EU: Essential Guide to the Force
Darth Sion EU: KOTOR2
Darth Zannah EU: Darth Bane
Daultay Dofine TPM
Dorme AotC
Emperor Palpatine (Senate Duel) RotS
Garouf Lafoe ANH
Gilad Pelleaon EU: Thrawn Trilogy
Grand Moff Tarkin ANH
Jaxxon EU: Marvel
Jess RotJ
Jira TPM
Jocasta Nu AotC
Joruus C'baoth EU: Thrawn Trilogy
Kitster TPM
Kreia/Darth Traya EU: KOTOR2
Mara Jade Skywalker EU: NJO
Padme Amidala (Anakin's Return) RotS
Padme Amidala (Declaration of the Empire) RotS
Padme Amidala (Funeral) RotS
Padme Amidala (Loyalist Committee) AotC
Padme Amidala (Naboo Lake Retreat) AotC
Padme Amidala (Naboo Picnic) AotC
Queen Apailana RotS
Queen Jamilia AotC
Reegesk ANH
Saelt-Marae RotJ
Sergeant Doallyn RotJ
Shasa Tiel RotJ
Sifo-Dyas EU: Essential Guide to the Force
Solomahal ANH
Taym Dren-garen RotJ
Tenal Ka EU: NJO
Tey How TPM
Tikkes AotC
Toryn Farr ESB
Tzizvvt ANH
Wald TPM
Winter EU: Thrawn Trilogy
Zayne Carrick EU: KOTOR Comics

You still have until August 23rd to post in the JediInsider forums, or TNI forums, and rank your top 30 choices from that list in order of how much you want them. The choices will be given a point value (#1 will get 30 points, #2 will get 29, etc...), and the final list of our Top 30 will be sent along to Hasbro to be combined with all the other site's results to make a final list that will then be voted on. The winner of that poll will be made in Hasbro's 3" figure line.

Thank You for participating!


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