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Reader Review: R2-J2 by Whitewolf
Bespin refugee - December 23, 2006

It's been awhile since my last review on here, but the holiday season has encroached upon us at Toys-R-Us like a demon from Hell. I've been practically living at work these past couple of weeks. But that's neither here nor there...

What can I say, I'm a sucker for astromechs. When we got Wave 8 in this week, I immediately grabbed up this very cool Imperial R5 unit: R5-J2.

R5-J2 is a simple repaint of R5-D4, but very cool nonetheless. Nothing was done to replace the "blown motivator" gimmick that is present on R5-D4, so this may indicate that all R5 series astromechs share this common production problem, along with loose bearings, overheating, and a litany of other customer complaints. As with R5-D4, R5-J2 also includes the removable "cellphone antenna" that fits into a socket on top of the droid's flowerpot-shaped dome.

What really sets this droid apart from its Tatooine breathren is the color scheme. R5-J2 is decked out in a brand-spanking-showroom-new black paint job that just screams "Vaderesque." I guess it really is true...dress anything up in black and it automatically takes on a much more sinister appearance. A muted dark tan is used on various panels to give it some accents, as well as very crisp silver pinstriping that seems to be a trademark of Imperial droid paint schemes. The usual "weathering" wash was not added to this figure, to represent the ultraclean, nearly sterile environment that most Imperial installations have.

As with the previous R5 unit, accessories are next to nill.

R5-J2 includes:

*Removable antenna
*Removable third leg
*Display Base

Overall, this droid represents a very nice (and much-needed) addition to the Imperial droid pool. Ironically, many of the collectors who turned their collective noses up at R5-D4 have been buying up R5-J2 in multiples. If you can find him, and aren't opposed to the idea that its just a repaint, snap him up. You won't be disappointed if you do.

Here he is on duty with an RA-7 Protocol Droid under the direct command of General Tagge

And here we see him carousing with R2-T6

And of course here is a clear case of droid envy on R5-D4's part



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