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Reader Review: 30th Anniversary Rebel Honor Guard By Whitewolf
Bespin refugee - May 07, 2007

Found this one today...finally. And surprise of surprises, it wasn't at my store, but at one of my local Walmarts. From the looks of things, it seemed to be a mix of Wave 2 and Wave 2.5. I'm attempting to do my reviews fairly in order as the figures are released, so this will be the final review for Wave 2. After this, Wave 3...

"A constant scarcity of materials means that many Alliance officers lack dress uniforms. However, a few of the survivors of Alderaan---a planet once rich in ceremony---have retained theirs. It is these survivors who serve as honor guard to Luke, Han and Chewbacca in thanks for destroying the Death Star over Yavin." ----from the figure card back

So these guys are Alderaanian? Huh...who'da thunk it? You'd think that since Princess Leia was such a clothes-horse, these guys would have snappier outfits. At first glance, they appear to be wearing nothing more than olive-drab German duty uniforms from WWII...and without the helmet, this figure truly looks like it belongs more in a vintage war toy collection than Star Wars. But the bell-bottom pants legs and egghead space helmet reminds us that this is the future...1977!

My jabs aside, I actually do like this figure a lot! The Rebel Honor Guard is---for all intents and purposes---the Rebel Alliance version of the Death Star Trooper. Hasbro went all out and gave the RHG the super-articulation treatment from head to toe. 9 ball-socket joints and 3 straight-cut joints grace this figure, allowing for quite a number of poses. Like the DS Trooper, I'm wondering why Hasbro arrived at the decision to give characters that do little more than stand around and guard things such a full range of movement. But who really cares, right? Its a neat figure nonetheless...

The paint app is a bit sparse, but very clean. The RHG is suited up from neck to shins in a green dress uniform, and little else in terms of color. The belt buckle and small rivets on the belt are nicely done as well. The figure, again like the DS Trooper, sports a decidedly 70's hairstyle. This a neat thing to see, considering that these characters were never seen without their helmets. It shows that the folks at Hasbro are really getting the "flavor" of the time period in which these movies were made. And he can disco like nobody's business!

The Rebel Honor Guard comes with a handful of accessories that round out whatever it is that he does. He comes with a long ceremonial pole very similar to those that Sandtroopers carry while riding Dewbacks. The "egghead" helmet is a slightly modified version of the ones worn by Rebel Troopers. It features a tinted visor that hangs down in front of the wearer's face, possibly to make them seem anonymous while on duty honoring and guarding. I sort of see these guys as the "Buckingham Palace Guards" of the Rebel Alliance. Why a guerilla force needs such pomp and circumstance is beyond me...

Accessories include:

*Removable "Egghead" Helmet
*Ceremonial Pike
*DH-17 Blaster Pistol
*Collector's Coin #10

The super-articulation that we're seeing with each brand new sculpt is winning me over on the 30th Anniversary line more and more. This is one of those figures that really grows on you. The more I look at it, the more I like it. This figure is a must-have simply because we've never gotten one like this before. Wave 2/2.5 is beginning to show up in more abundance now, so definitely keep an eye out for the RHG. The only complaints I have is the overly-exaggerated stance that both he and the DS Trooper have and the lack of being able to sit down...but beyond that, this is one of those rare nearly-perfect figures.

I give the 30th Anniversary Rebel Honor Guard 4.5 Death Stars.



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