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2013 NYCC: Star Wars: Rebels Panel
Bespin refugee - October 12, 2013

Ralph McQuarrie's work will be a heavy influence on this new series.

We are a year away from the series debut and will debut on Disney and move over to Disney XD

Star Wars: Rebels is set approx. 14 yrs after ROTS and 5 yrs before Ep IV, so expect some Ep IV tie ins.

Art will be a few degrees off from Ep4, and what if it was CG?

The Empire is in favor w/ central systems, and wants to grow, so, it expands to outer rim/frontier, Planets like Lothal which we have seen concept art for and will be in the first episode will be ripe for conquest. However the Empire doesn't just invade when they want to take over a planet. They come in under the guise of helping the planets people, but as the Empire requires more and more of the planet's resources for their own needs that initial honeymoon period quickly ends. This in turn facilitates a need for rebellion.

Lothal first planet to be conquered by empire in this series.

People will die in this series. Star Wars Episode IV really sets the tone for this show.

New Vehicle designs shown:
AT-DP ( All Terrain Defense Pod), Speeder Bike, Star Destroyer (w/ Ghost scale comparison). TIE Fighter, vintage Imperial Troop Transport homage

Characters that where in Clone Wars cartoon could show up in Rebels.

Bounty Hunters will likely be making appearance in the series.

How does a trooper get in a Tie Fighter, In Rebels from the top.

Some Clones have been discarded by this time, Some are trainers of Stormtroopers.

Difference between Clone Trooper and Stormtrooper, Stormtroopers aren't clones. Oddly enough the Clones end up having to much unique personality as opposed to the Stormtroopers who are recruited through blind patriotic loyalty to the Empire and therefore more easily controlled.

Jedi will have some kind of role in this show but it won't diminish Luke Skywalker's role as last Jedi.

The new villains 'inquisitors', are sinister Imperial agents and part of Star Wars lore, they are brought in to hunt Jedi and have lightsabers.

The next great villain from a galaxy far, far away is here. Fans attending Lucasfilm's Star Wars Rebels panel today at New York Comic Con got the world's first look at the Inquisitor, a black-clad, intimidating figure who will play a prominent role in the upcoming animated series.

Star Wars Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni officially revealed the character, showing design sketches, a sculpted maquette, and disclosing that the Inquisitor is "tasked by Darth Vader to hunt down the remaining Jedi Knights."

The panel, hosted by Lucasfilm's Pablo Hidalgo, focused on the Empire and how it is central to the story of Star Wars Rebels. Hidalgo revealed that the series takes place about 14 years after the events of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, a time in which the Emperor's rule is secure and the Empire is seeking to expand its power to Outer Rim territories.

If anything was made clear at today's panel, it's that the Empire is back -- thanks to Star Wars Rebels.

Star Wars Rebels is scheduled to premiere in fall 2014 as a one-hour special telecast on Disney Channel, it will be followed by a series on Disney XD channels around the world.


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Bespin refugee
6:01 am

[url= (link) Oz Bringing Yoda To [I]Star Wars Rebels[/I][/url] 
Bespin refugee
7:38 am

[url= (link) look at Darth Vader from upcoming re-airing of [I]Rebels[/I][/url] [url= (link) Recon #3: "Fighter Flight"[/url] [url= (link) Recon #4: "Rise Of The Old Masters"[/url] [url= (link) Recon #5: "Breaking Ranks"[/url] [url= (link) Recon #6: "Ou... read more 
Omega 8
2:25 am

I've really enjoyed it so far. It felt pretty damned Star Wars-y. The animation is clean and the writing, while obviously for a younger audience, was smart and had some depth. The scene where Kanan "lets the cat outta the bag" was especially well done. 
Bespin refugee
5:28 pm

[url= (link) Recon #1: Inside "Spark Of Rebellion"[/url] [url= (link) Recon #2: Inside "Droids In Distress"[/url] I like the more movie-like model used for R2, not so much for 3PO, something seems too 'off' The 'Droids at Jabba's Palace' music cue was... read more 
Bespin refugee
1:12 am

[url= (link) NYCC Clip[/url] [url= (link) Of [I]Star Wars Rebels[/I]'[/url] [url= (link) Season On [I]Star Wars Rebels[/I]"[/url] 
1:52 am

I found this on FB Vader to appear on Oct 26 (link) 
12:52 am

Okay, I gotta eat some crow here... I went back last night and watched [i]A Spark of Rebellion[/i] on Xfinity, and...I really liked it, that is once I gave it a second chance and looked past the groan-inducing one-liners the heroes spout during battle. It was alot of fun and had that adventurous ... read more 
Kill Solo
12:50 am

[quote name='Wheeljack35' timestamp='1412641327' post='16815443'] One thing..They aren't hired merceneries Well I don't mean it's a complete rip-off of the A-Team. But there are many similarities to that story. That blue haired padwan did help out that frui... read more 
12:22 am

One thing..They aren't hired merceneries 
Kill Solo
11:01 pm

[quote name='featofstrength' timestamp='1412558513' post='16815416'] [quote name='Wheeljack35' timestamp='1412539802' post='16815411'] The A team? Bite your toungues [img] (link) I think the big furry guy would be B.A. Baracus. Blow up s... read more 
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